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Beech Lodge School
Stubbings Lane, Henley Road, Berks SL6 6QL
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Press Articles

Annie Grant of Special Children magazine visits Beech Lodge School to see how its developmental approach to learning has transformed the lives of young people with social and emotional difficulties.

Read the Beech Lodge/Fagus story in the Special Children Magazine

An insightful article in the Independent Schools Magazine that references Fagus and Beech Lodge School and illustrates just how a deeper understanding of social and emotional development in schools can change lives.

Read about how Fagus was created within Beech Lodge School in the Independent Schools Magazine

A wonderful article by our Educational Psychologist Alastair Lidster in Teach Secondary. It looks at the ways we can support children who do not yet have the emotional and social maturity to connect with mainstream school life.

Read how by Understanding Development you can Help Support Young People in the Teach Secondary Publication

We were approached by Teach Secondary/Teach Primary publications to undertake an independent product review of the Fagus resource.

Read John Dubell's review of Fagus in Teach Primary

Fagus and St Edwards First School, Windsor, is highlighted in a recently published news piece in Teach Primary’s SENCo Magazine.

Read how pioneering St Edwards First School has integrated a new understanding of social and emotional functioning into their provision.

Fagus is an ideal use of Pupil Premium Plus Funding

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