Our Customer Base

Word is spreading fast ....

We haven't been around long but it is wonderful to see that education settings are keen to be more enlightened about children's development, especially in the area of social and emotional functioning.  It can help teachers plan and organise their learning where there are diverse needs and enables them to interact with individuals in a more effective way.

This map indicates just some of the locations in the UK that Fagus is being used.  Here is a snap shot of some of the settings that are championing Fagus:


  • Pupil Referral Units
  • Specialist SEN schools
  • Schools with a specialism in social and emotional development
  • State Primary and Secondary schools
  • Schools with a focus on being attachment friendly
  • Independent schools

Local Authorities:

  • Virtual Schools
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Adoption Support Services
  • Behavioural Support Unit

Other settings:

  • Residential School for LAC
  • Arts Therapies Services
  • Adoption Support Agencies
  • Parents

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