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Aims of Fagus

Fagus has three key aims:

1. Improve knowledge and understanding in school relating to children’s emotional and social development.

We have produced a comprehensive educational resource for teaching staff which maps children’s emotional and social development between birth and 19 years in 13 areas:

The resource is made up of 13 Developmental Guides – one guide per developmental area. The guides summarise the findings from an extensive search of academic, psychological literature. The authors have presented complex psychological information in a simple, clear format which is accessible to those who are new to psychology.

The developmental guides have been endorsed by a team of academics from the psychology department at Royal Holloway College, University of London.

The Fagus resource also includes Developmental Checklists. These are briefer versions of the Developmental Guides. Teaching staff can use each checklist as a quick reference tool to identify whether a child is demonstrating the key behaviours associated with a particular age range within an emotional/social domain. This information can be collated to create a Developmental Profile for the child.

2. Help teaching staff to apply this understanding to set developmentally appropriate goals for pupils in emotional and social domains. [see Developmental Profiles and Goal Attainment Scaling]

Teaching staff can use the guides to approximate a child’s current level of development within a particular emotional/social domain and set targets and goals based on what would be expected to happen next in typical development.

3. Provide a framework to monitor emotional and social development. [see Developmental Profiles and Goal Attainment Scaling]

The developmental guides been summarised into a shorter format to create Developmental Checklists. These can be used to create a Developmental Profile of a child, approximating their development across each of the emotional and social domains. The checklists and profiles can be updated to track the child’s emotional and social progress and focus and evidence the impact of interventions.

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