Developmental Guides


There are 13 interactive online Developmental Guides in the Fagus resource, each guide focuses on one emotional and social domain and maps a child’s emotional and social development between birth and 19 years.  Here is a quick round-up and definition of each domain covered by the 13 Developmental Guides.

The Developmental Guides aim to equip teaching staff with an in-depth understanding of developmental theories, processes and milestones across the complete range of children’s emotional and social development. This knowledge can then be applied to set developmentally appropriate goals for students.

The guides summarise the findings from an extensive search of academic, psychological literature. The authors have presented complex psychological information in a simple, clear format which is accessible to those who are new to psychology.

Developments in attachment, cognitive and language skills lay the foundations for the development of processes, behaviours and competencies in the other areas therefore these are described as the core developmental areas.

Each Developmental Guide contains:

  1. An introduction to the developmental area which introduces the emotional or social domain, defining any key terms.
  2. A developmental map which describes commonly seen developmental progression within the developmental area between birth and 19 years. The developmental maps are split into four main developmental ranges:

Developmental range

Approximate age range

Infancy 0-2 years
Early childhood 2-7 years
Middle childhood 7-11years

-       Early adolescence

-       Middle adolescence

-       Late adolescence

11-19 years

11-14 years

14-16 years

16-19 years

    1. Example objectives, goals and plans.
    2. A glossary defining any jargon.
    3. References


Example Pages from the Self-Awareness Guide




royalhollowaylogoThe Fagus Developmental Guides have been evaluated and endorsed by a team of academics from the Psychology Department at Royal Holloway, University of London. The group of reviewers consisted of:

Dr Alana I. James: Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London
Professor Patrick Leman: Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Rebecca Lucas: Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London
Dr Yvonne Skipper: Lecturer, Keele University
Dr Dawn Watling: Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway, University of London

The team have endorsed the product with the following statement:

“We have conducted an evaluation of the Fagus Developmental Guides and can confirm their academic rigour; the authors have accessed a wide range of appropriate psychological research articles to create the resource. The information is presented accurately, clearly and in an accessible format.

The Developmental Guides will be a helpful resource for professionals working with all children. They can be also applied in educational settings in particular to:

  • Support the professional development of school staff regarding children’s emotional and social development.
  • Assist teaching staff when they are setting goals for children in relation to their social and emotional functioning.”