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Our new interventions guide is OUT!

By Daniela Shanly | 1st December 2020

We are delighted to announce that our new interventions guide, “Finding the Right Intervention” is now available FREE to schools. Written by Fagus creators Alastair Lidster and Becci Best, together with the team at Beech Lodge School, this 92pp interactive guide gives advice and links to tried and tested interventions used with pupils exhibiting social…

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Early Trauma Online Training funded by the Home Office Early Intervention Fund

By Tracy Davies | 8th January 2020

  Fab FREE Online Learning – An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences which takes 50 minutes to complete.  All school practitioners should understand childhood trauma and how it may affects brain development and its impact. The online training covers the following: About The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Brain Development in Early Childhood The Impact of…

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Stage not Age – Developmental Stage versus Chronological Age

By Tracy Davies | 8th December 2019

Adverse life experiences can impact a child’s ability to meet developmental milestones.  In some instances, development does not keep up with chronological developmental milestones, resulting in behavioural issues, such as the inability to cope with frustration or change.  Often a child’s developmental age, which is the age at which they function emotionally, physically, cognitively and…

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A few tips to help schools become ACE-aware, Attachment-aware and trauma-informed

By Tracy Davies | 25th November 2019

  We have outlined a few overall approaches a school can adopt to become more ACE-aware, Attachment-aware and trauma-informed Often the damage incurred as a result of ACEs and childhood trauma is complex and spans over a long period of time, therefore the ‘repair’ of this damage does not consist of a quick-fix,  you cannot…

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Fagus is Involved in an Exciting New Project – ‘Transition Through a Trauma Lens’ – Helping Vulnerable Children Transition from KS2 to KS3!

By Tracy Davies | 21st November 2019

Fagus and a new project We are very pleased to announce that we are involved in an exciting new forward-thinking project called ‘Transition Through a Trauma Lens‘ with Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority spanning the next two academic years. Project Aims The aim of the project is to help vulnerable children transition from primary…

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Integrating our Practices – Fagus and Wellbeing Education at IATE

By Tracy Davies | 21st October 2019

It was such a privilege to be invited to the Wellbeing Education Faculty at IATE on Saturday 19th October.  We spent a morning speaking to their students on the Diploma in Community Well-being for Children, Young People, Families and Organisations. Our workshop was entitled: An Introduction to Fagus: Approaches to Research at Beech Lodge School…

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The Swiss-army knife of social and emotional understanding in schools

By Tracy Davies | 6th October 2019

The Swiss-army Knife is a tool with so many different uses.  We have discovered that the Fagus Educational Resource is the Swiss-army knife for understanding more about social and emotional development in the classroom. Since its inception, many schools have now embedded the framework into their school life and adapted its use for their own…

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Does your educational setting want to become more socially and emotionally sensitive?

By Tracy Davies | 1st October 2019

For a school, becoming more socially and emotional sensitive is not a set of policies and procedures, it’s a top-down culture where you are supporting a variety of children with an array of different backgrounds to become successful by tweaking your approach. Our recent case study tells a narrative about how one trauma-informed setting puts…

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St Peter’s Primary School in Wapping is Changing the Narrative Around ‘Behaviour Management’

By Tracy Davies | 4th August 2019

The amazing St Peter’s London Docks Primary School has introduced a nurturing ethos to its school that is sensitive to its children’s needs and looks at the underlying purposes of their behaviour. Fagus has helped them document this journey using a ‘bite-sized’ approach. After using Fagus, every setting should be able to identify the key…

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