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Fagus is Involved in an Exciting New Project – Helping Vulnerable Children Transition from KS2 to KS3!

By Tracy Davies | 21st November 2019

We are very pleased to announce that we are involved in an exciting new forward-thinking project called ‘Transition Through a Trauma Lens‘ with Cheshire West and Chester Local Authority spanning the next two academic years. The aim of the project is to help ‘vulnerable’ children transition from primary to secondary school and get schools to…

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Integrating our Practices – Fagus and Wellbeing Education at IATE

By Tracy Davies | 21st October 2019

It was such a privilege to be invited to the Wellbeing Education Faculty at IATE on Saturday 19th October.  We spent a morning speaking to their students on the Diploma in Community Well-being for Children, Young People, Families and Organisations. Our workshop was entitled: An Introduction to Fagus: Approaches to Research at Beech Lodge School…

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The Swiss-army knife of social and emotional understanding in schools

By Tracy Davies | 6th October 2019

The Swiss-army Knife is a tool with so many different uses.  We have discovered that the Fagus Educational Resource is the Swiss-army knife for understanding more about social and emotional development in the classroom. Since its inception, many schools have now embedded the framework into their school life and adapted its use for their own…

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Does your educational setting want to become more socially and emotionally sensitive?

By Tracy Davies | 1st October 2019

For a school, becoming more socially and emotional sensitive is not a set of policies and procedures, it’s a top-down culture where you are supporting a variety of children with an array of different backgrounds to become successful by tweaking your approach. Our recent case study tells a narrative about how one trauma-informed setting puts…

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St Peter’s Primary School in Wapping is Changing the Narrative Around ‘Behaviour Management’

By Tracy Davies | 4th August 2019

The amazing St Peter’s London Docks Primary School has introduced a nurturing ethos to its school that is sensitive to its children’s needs and looks at the underlying purposes of their behaviour. Fagus has helped them document this journey using a ‘bite-sized’ approach. After using Fagus, every setting should be able to identify the key…

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Benefits straight from the horse’s mouth!

By Tracy Davies | 4th August 2019

Why use the Developmental Approach? Hear are what some of our recent customers have to say ….. All from a wide range of settings, geographical regions and job roles …. Thank for helping us spread the word and making social and emotional functioning an important part of the School Agenda.

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How can understanding the concepts in social and emotional developmental psychology inform your teaching?

By Tracy Davies | 30th July 2019

Why should teaching staff ideally have a fundamental understanding of some key psychological principles, and what are they? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Maslow stated that we all have a variety of needs, but some needs are more vital than others, using this model teachers can understand that that unless a pupil’s basic needs are met…

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Why is it so important for teachers to understand Child Development?

By Tracy Davies | 8th July 2019

Fascinating Findings all about Child Development Although all children develop in their own unique way as a direct result of both hereditary and environmental influences, there is a certain pattern of development that applies to nearly all children. Human development is one of the biggest contributing factors to human behaviour. As children go through their…

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The Development of Coping Strategies in Childhood

By Tracy Davies | 25th June 2019

As a practitioner in education you are probably fascinated with child development as it can give you some answers as to why children behave in certain ways. Also armed with the information you can support children through the trickier periods of their development and for children where lags occur, you can start to build in…

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