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Fagus is an innovative project originally set up by Beech Lodge School.

Beech Lodge School

Beech Lodge School is a unique attachment-focused, trauma-informed small independent special school for pupils aged 7-18. We provide an alternative educational experience which is different from and additional to that found in traditional mainstream school, for children who may have been failed by mainstream education and have needs that are difficult to meet in a conventional school setting.  All of our pupils have social and emotional difficulties, the majority have been in the care system and have a range of needs including attachment and trauma related difficulties, anxiety and specific learning difficulties.

At Beech Lodge School we provide a safe, secure, welcoming and happy community. We seek to develop each individual to their full potential, academically, emotionally and socially so they can learn, achieve and prepare themselves for future independent lives.  Our approach is holistic, nurturing and based on the Dan Hughes' PACE model, which is rooted in attachment theory.  We scaffold a child's development and provide frameworks and support so the child can learn new skills.   There are many practical, hands-on activities that help our pupils develop knowledge and skills, resulting in increased self-confidence and enabling them to be ready for independent futures, all supported by individual programmes and planning.  

Our staff:

  • Understand how trauma and attachment affects the child’s brain and development and is shown through their actions and behaviours.
  • Are able to interpret the child's action correctly.
  • Know the child’s history which helps decode behaviour.
  • Are able to react consciously and with empathy to the child’s behaviour, rather than emotionally.
  • Receive excellent support and supervision.

Fagus at Beech Lodge School

At Beech Lodge School all our children have social and emotional needs and these can impact their learning.   The Fagus framework gathers social and emotional data in order to help staff understand behavioural challenges and provide a mechanism to measure progress in social and emotional goals as well as academic indicators.

The school completes online Developmental Profiles for every child, these highlight the areas where a pupil is most developmentally behind.  Professionals can act on this information by setting goals and focusing interventions in the pupil's area of need.  All Fagus profiles are kept on pupil files with an overview of goals, interventions and progress which is shared with parents.

Visit the Beech Lodge School website for more information and follow the school on Twitter @beechlodge for their latest news and updates.

Fagus is an ideal use of Pupil Premium Plus Funding

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