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What is Fagus?

A framework for emotional and social development

Noun: Latin Fāgus (“beech”) – The Tree of Learning

Fagus is a unique, educational resource which provides a system for schools to monitor, review and support children’s emotional and social development.

Fagus provides a developmentally sequenced framework of typical behaviour which clarifies the understanding of a child’s strengths and difficulties across social and emotional functioning and supports goal setting towards a better future. It allows schools to monitor social and emotional progress much in the same way as they monitor academic progress. Fagus is principally targeted for pupils with attachment and trauma-related difficulties, although it has the potential to be used with a much wider range of children.  Fagus is an ideal use of your Pupil Premium Plus funding.


There are 3 central components to Fagus: Online Developmental Checklists and Profiles and the Developmental Guides.

  • The online Developmental Checklists are a summarised version of the Developmental Guides and are completed to create a Developmental Profile.
  • The Developmental Profile approximates a child’s development across each social and emotional domain and identifies their strengths and areas requiring intervention. The profile is updated to track progress over time
  • The relevant Developmental Guides are used to get an in-depth understanding of a child’s social and emotional development and can be used to set goals to help the child progress.


Find out how the Fagus materials can benefit your educational setting

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Benefits for your school:

    • Facilitate the emotional and social development of pupils who are developmentally behind
    • Enhance access to learning by attending to emotional and social needs
    • Develop emotional and social wellbeing and academic progress
    • Gather additional data about progress
    • Support teaching practice by furthering understanding of emotional and social development

Fagus aims to:

  1. Improve knowledge and understanding in school relating to children’s emotional and social development. [Fagus materials]
  2. Help teaching staff to apply this understanding to set developmentally appropriate goals for pupils in emotional and social domains. [Setting Goals]
  3. Provide a framework to monitor emotional and social development. [see Developmental Profiles and Goal Attainment Scaling]



“One way teachers can become more sensitive to children is to increase their knowledge of child development. Teachers who know more about child development are more sensitive in their interactions with children.”

(pg. 158, Bergin and Bergin, 2009)

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Fagus is an ideal use of Pupil Premium Plus Funding

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