We will be holding a series of regular Social & Emotional Developmental Workshops with Beech Lodge School covering different themes


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Agenda of Workshops ran in March and June:

Understanding Developmental Trauma Schools Workshop

Looking at children's behaviour from a developmental perspective

Time: 4pm to 6.30pm
Date: Date to be confirmed
Venue: Beech Lodge School, Maidenhead

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By attending the
workshop you will:


  • Understand how Developmental Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) impact on emotional and social functioning


  • Look at children's behaviour through a developmental lens


  • Learn how Fagus can help you to monitor, review and support emotional and social functioning in pupil with Developmental Trauma and Attachment difficulties

This is a unique opportunity to hear from the Beech Lodge and Fagus team and gain a deeper insight into how understanding the impact of Developmental Trauma on children can enhance your professional practice in the classroom.

This informative FREE workshop will include the following talks:

Welcome and Introduction to Working with Traumatised Children

How we do it here

Lucy Barnes - Headteacher and co-founder,
Beech Lodge School

How Early Life Trauma Affects Children and Manifests in Later Life Behaviours

Enter a child's world through ground-breaking Virtual Reality technology

Helen Costa - CEO,
The Cornerstone Partnership

The Developmental Perspective

How understanding children’s development helps understand behaviour and plan interventions

Alastair Lidster - Educational Psychologist and co-author,
Fagus Educational Resource

An Introduction to the Fagus Resource and Benefits for Your School

Supporting pupils' emotional and social progress using Fagus

Alastair Lidster and Lucy Barnes



To register your interest in forthcoming Workshops Click here