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The above guide is one of 13 in the full portfolio.

Each Guide looks at a different social and emotional domain and gives an in-depth understanding of a child’s social and emotional development between birth and 19 years in each area.

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Or read our 13 teacher-friendly findings about children's social and emotional development which gives you examples of how surprising child development can be!

In addition, you can get an insight into how psychology can inform your teaching here.

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Each checklist distils the information contained in the guides. They run through a series of questions and you have to identify whether a child in question is demonstrating the behaviour or not (starting at their chronological age). Once you have completed the checklists, you can create an online Developmental Profile of the child. The profile approximates the child’s development across each emotional/social domain. It helps to recognise a child’s strengths and clarifies the areas that require intervention, focus interventions and set targets and goals to help a child progress socially and emotionally.

The entire Fagus resource enable teachers to see a child's developmental stage so clearly on the page as well as help them develop a much better understanding of their pupils' behaviour, looking at the roots of the issue rather than the 'problem' behaviour. In turn this means that adults can alter their approach rather than consistently expecting a child to 'act their age'. This supports an empathic approach to understanding behaviour.

The Guides can also be used standalone to develop provision, staff training and supporting individuals – see the potential uses of Fagus here.


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The Fagus website also contains lots of information such as Pricing and Licencing options, FAQs, Customer Case Studies and information about our series of Developmental Trauma Training Sessions that we are running at Beech Lodge this academic year.