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Benefits straight from the horse’s mouth!

Why use the Developmental Approach? Hear are what some of our recent customers have to say ….. All from a wide range of settings, geographical regions and job roles …. Thank for helping us spread the word and making social and emotional functioning an important part of the School Agenda.

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Why is it so important for teachers to understand Child Development?

Fascinating Findings all about Child Development Although all children develop in their own unique way as a direct result of both hereditary and environmental influences, there is a certain pattern of development that applies to nearly all children. Human development is one of the biggest contributing factors to human behaviour. As children go through their…

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The Development of Coping Strategies in Childhood

As a practitioner in education you are probably fascinated with child development as it can give you some answers as to why children behave in certain ways. Also armed with the information you can support children through the trickier periods of their development and for children where lags occur, you can start to build in…

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Fagus Social and Emotional Domains Defined

Child development is complex and vast so in the Fagus materials we have summarised social and emotional development into 10 clearly definable areas (branches of the tree).  Although in reality the domains overlap and there are many references between the guides. It’s important to remember that some lesser-known domains such as self-concept, self-awareness and moral…

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Interventions – How Fagus can help

Social and Emotional Interventions and Strategies Many schools use a range of effective psycho-social interventions.  They use the Fagus materials to shape these strategies to develop a more focused approach –  the framework enables a more detailed understanding of an individual’s social and emotional needs and applying this information they can set SMART goals in…

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Thank you to Fordway Centre for letting us type up your story!

  So if you are thinking of creating a social and emotional programme for your pupils, read our recent case study – it will give you a great insight into what Fagus can do to help you understand more about your pupils’ social and emotional development. Case study: How  Fordway Centre uses Fagus to understand…

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Deepening the conversation – Childhood Trauma and ACEs

  We are pleased to announce that Beech Lodge School are hosting a screening  of the critically acclaimed documentary film “Resilience – The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope ”. This film addresses how childhood trauma and adverse child experience impacts a person’s health and life and outlines a new movement among educators and…

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