Beech Lodge Story

Annie Grant of Special Children magazine visits Beech Lodge School to see how its developmental approach to learning has transformed the lives of young people with social and emotional difficulties.

Read the Beech Lodge/Fagus story in the Special Children Magazine

An insightful article in the Independent Schools Magazine that references Fagus and Beech Lodge School and illustrates just how a deeper understanding of social and emotional development in schools can change lives.

Read about how Fagus was created within Beech Lodge School in the Independent Schools Magazine

Beech Lodge feedback

“The guides are fabulous. They allow you to dip into any specific area of a child’s development and increase your knowledge. You can investigate a child’s current point of development and identify specific behaviours that you think they could improve.”

Sue Wells, Specialist Teacher, Beech Lodge School

“Fagus is an incredibly powerful tool. It has helped staff, parents and the whole school community have a deeper and broader understanding of typical social and emotional development in children and improve learning outcomes.”

Lucy Barnes, Head Teacher, Beech Lodge School

“The staff at Beech Lodge School understand my son’s emotional needs and can support him appropriately.”

Margaret Smith, parent of a son who attends Beech Lodge School

“I’ve seen huge changes in pupils at the school. Since giving the children their Fagus goals, they are so much happier and able to access the full educational curriculum to reach their potential.”

Jack Rider, Assistant Head and Teacher, Beech Lodge School