The Swiss-army knife of social and emotional understanding in schools

The Swiss-army Knife is a tool with so many different uses.  We have discovered that the Fagus Educational Resource is the Swiss-army knife for understanding more about social and emotional development in the classroom.

Since its inception, many schools have now embedded the framework into their school life and adapted its use for their own bespoke needs.  I guess this is because all schools have different time demands, resources, staff, policies/culture/procedures and obviously every pupil is unique.  Here are some examples of different ways the framework is being used:

Training and development  

Longspee Academy is a special school in Poole, they use the Fagus Developmental guides for ongoing staff training and use the developmental stages to inform their target setting and writing their SEMH plans.

Gain a wholistic view of social and emotional functioning

An alternative provision called Nurture Learning in Kidderminster use Fagus very comprehensively, profiling all their children and carefully analysing the results to set targets and create bespoke actions plans.  Read the full case study here.

Baselining social and emotional development, setting goals and measuring progress

A PRU in Surrey use Fagus by selecting a series of the developmental-aged behaviours and assessing their pupils against these behaviours to set goals, relevant interventions and monitor progress.  Read the full case study here.

Comprehensively understanding their Looked-After children's social and emotional development

Meadow Primary School in Cheshire use Fagus for their cohort of Looked-After children (and Previously Looked-After children), they use the framework to guide specific interventions and demonstrate the impact of them.

Supporting a specialist nurture provision

Brooke School in Rugby (Special School) have embedded Fagus into their setting for a group of children in a 'Nurture' intervention.  It is being used as an evidence-based approach to objectively measure the programme’s success.  Read the full case study here.

Sharing information with multi-agency staff 

Priority Childcare in South Wales are a residential environment (for Looked-After Children) with an educational provision, they use Fagus to present their children's social and emotional developmental profiles to key-workers and other practitioners to illustrate their ongoing needs clearly.  Read more about their approach here.

Local Authority Wide 'Transition Through a Trauma Lens' Project

We are part of a project with Cheshire West and Chester LA to support the transition process of vulnerable children from Primary School to Secondary School. .

The list goes on - you can read some more examples of how Fagus is being used in various settings and a bit more about the Cheshire Schools Project on our News tab.

You can now see why it is called the Swiss-army knife of social and emotional understanding in schools.  We are sure there are plenty of other uses for Fagus that we are not aware of yet!  And if you are a customer of Fagus reading this and using it in a completely alternative way, we would love to hear from you!