‘From Surviving to Thriving’ – Join Fagus at Adoption UK’s Annual Conference

We are very excited to representing Fagus at Adoption UK’s Annual Conference on Saturday 19th November 2016 in Birmingham.

This year’s conference will feature some well-renowned speakers in the adoption world such as Professor Jonathan Green and Dr Margot Sunderland, and is focused on a subject close to our hearts – supporting the emotional development and well-being of adopted children.

Fagus was developed at Beech Lodge school, where over 60% of the pupils are adopted and looked-after children.  Fagus has changed the school’s approach to understanding students’ behaviour in terms of their emotional and social development, as well as enabling educators’ to identify a pupil’s specific social and emotional developmental barriers to learning and develop strategies to monitor, support and advance a child’s emotional and social development in the areas they are displaying difficulties in.

We are also delighted to announce that we are privileged to be involved in Adoption UK’s campaign for Attachment Awareness in all UK schools.