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St Peter’s Primary School in Wapping is Changing the Narrative Around ‘Behaviour Management’

The amazing St Peter’s London Docks Primary School has introduced a nurturing ethos to its school that is sensitive to its children’s needs and looks at the underlying purposes of their behaviour.

Fagus has helped them document this journey using a ‘bite-sized’ approach.

After using Fagus, every setting should be able to identify the key areas of social and emotional developmental need for a child, alongside putting together SMART targets to help move the child forward and measure progress.  The next step is to coordinate a set of interventions to help them achieve these targets, advancing their social and emotional skill set.  It's the 'Do' in the SEND Code of Practice (see image on the left) and requires embracing a paradigm shift and cultural change to a trauma-informed approach more than just working with an individual pupil.

Dr Jennifer Nock, Chartered Psychologist, has spent some time at St Peter's training them in the impact of developmental trauma, assisting them in developing practical strategies for a cohort of children (although all children can benefit) and helping them with the 'Do'.   Beech Lodge also plan to execute more Developmental Trauma Workshops soon.   For more information about what Jenny's training courses entail, including a synopsis about her 'Attachment Demystified' course go to:  http://www.jennifernocktrainingandconsultancy.com/

Jenny also offers a School Awards framework; The Attachment and Trauma Sensitive Schools Award, which aims to provide recognition of a school's commitment to develop a culture of compassion and empathy, playing a pivotal role in getting children ready for learning.  Whole-school training is part of the requirements for achieving the Award.

St Peter's Primary School are so proud to have been given their Attachment and Trauma Sensitive School Bronze Award and Phillipa, Lead Pastoral Teacher at the school, mentions that it has totally transformed their school culture and approach.

For more information about the Awards Framework  go to:  http://www.attachmentandtraumasensitiveschoolsaward.com


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