Schools Feedback

A number of main stream schools in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and beyond have been using the Fagus resources. So far we have had some excellent feedback:

“In the past it has been hard to create SMART targets for our pupil plans, especially when dealing with personal, social and emotional needs, but for the first time, using Fagus, the school is now able to put specific targets into the pupil plans tailored to each individual need.

Targets can now be set easily as Fagus indicates areas of need for a specific child and they give a more complete picture than the results from the SDQs. I can now share this data with the play/drama therapist and all work towards the same target, it is also a lot easier to make the targets SMART and very appropriate for the child.

I found that Fagus isolates an area of need and then it is much easier to set a goal especially when you couple it with the proactive therapists’ interventions. It makes it clearer for the therapists to know what to concentrate their time on and along with target setting, everybody can see clear visible evidence of the impact of the intervention and show real value for money.”

- Deputy Head and SENCo - St Edwards Catholic First School, Windsor


“Fagus has been helping Hope School support the social and emotional developmental needs of the young people in our care and inform best practice.

We are using the Fagus Developmental Profiles to get more of a thorough insight into some of our pupils’ individual SEHM concerns and this in turn has supported individual target setting as we can start to pinpoint their primary social and emotional difficulties.

The Developmental Guides are a great resource for helping us set specific targets and focus on which interventions and approaches to embed to encourage emotional and social progression in the individuals who are struggling.”

- Inclusion Lead - Hope School, Liverpool


“For one particular child, we completed the set of Fagus online checklists and the social and emotional domain that was flagged up indicated that they had a ‘weakness’ in self-control so we decided to concentrate on this particular aspect as we felt that this would help their development in other areas”.

 The Developmental Guides are so useful when trying to set a goal that is relevant to a child, not only are they really user-friendly, they have helped focus our mind on how we assist certain children and alter behaviours positively.

 We took the self-control developmental guide to create a table that sums up the child’s needs, we then chose a relevant target which concentrated on helping the child be more patient in class, alongside this, we outlined a plan on how we were going to get the child to reach the target, this included explaining to the child why patience is important, using praise and recognition every time the child demonstrated actions on the plan and using gentle reminders on how to help the child achieve the goal, it also included a reward chart. The child in question has made a huge amount of progression and we have all been pleasantly surprised by the outcome.” 

- Pupil & Family Liaison Officer - Sherwood Junior School, Nottingham


“The Developmental Profile provided us with the proof that the pupil was struggling in the areas we anticipated and does indeed have some complex needs that require further intervention.”

- SENDCo - Dedworth Middle School, Windsor


“The Fagus survey tool lets us instantly see where our children are in their social and emotional development - whether they are acting age appropriately or delayed.

We have used the Developmental Guides to help us devise specific interventions and it has been very encouraging to see the difference these are having.  For the first time we have been able to observe our children's social and emotional developmental progress in specific and measurable ways."

- Family Support Worker – St Francis Primary Catholic Primary School, South Ascot


“Using the Fagus resource, we have had real success with one of our Year 6 students.  We have set an appropriate goal based on one of the statements in the Coping guide and this has enabled us to focus on one behaviour and reaction”.

 “The layout of the guides and checklists are broken down into different age categories and this comprehensive structure has been very useful when sitting down with a child’s parents and helping them make sense of and understand their child’s behaviour.”

- Inclusion Manager, Furze Platt Junior School, Maidenhead


We have found the Fagus Developmental guides to be very comprehensive and easy to use. The fact that they are suitable for our very youngest children enables us to offer support for vital areas of child development which can be frequently overlooked and not understood. We are therefore able to promote the holistic development of all our children."

- Assistant Head Teacher & FS2 Leader, Boyne Hill Infant & Nursery School