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Integrating our Practices – Fagus and Wellbeing Education at IATE

It was such a privilege to be invited to the Wellbeing Education Faculty at IATE on Saturday 19th October.  We spent a morning speaking to their students on the Diploma in Community Well-being for Children, Young People, Families and Organisations.

Our workshop was entitled: An Introduction to Fagus: Approaches to Research at Beech Lodge School and it gave us a platform to open up channels of communication and reflect with their practitioners regarding the principles of social and emotional development and how it can support approaches in education.

It is so nice to share our vision with professionals that fully understand the concepts, integrity and benefits of our work and fully engage with the principles and values of Fagus.

We look forward to continuing our conversations and further integrating the work we both do.

Image below pictures some of the Fagus Team: Alastair Lidster, co-author of Fagus (right) and Tracy Davies, Fagus Coordinator (left) with Jo Quennell – Director of Wellbeing Faculty at IATE (middle)


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