A Fagus Success Story in South Wales – Priority Childcare Education

Priority Childcare offer a residential environment for young people who have experienced challenging lives and developmental trauma.  The nurturing provision provides an integrated approach to education, training and care and enables its children to come to terms with their social, emotional, psychological and physical needs.

Priority Childcare Education is a registered school which provides in-house education for the young people in its care.  It uses baseline assessments and clear targets to identify the wellbeing and educational needs of its pupils with a strong emphasis on developing their self-esteem, confidence and literary skills so they can re-engage in mainstream education.  The staff take a caring approach, looking at their pupils’ holistically and tailoring the lessons to each individual’s requirements.

The setting has been using Fagus for several months now and we caught up with the Headteacher David Gregory and Lead Teacher Rhiannon Faulkner, who kindly spoke about the introduction of Fagus and how it has been integrated into the school’s processes:

“Fagus is a very useful tool for us to understand our children’s social & emotional development at a deeper level.  The online checklist surveys are self-explanatory and give you clear visual evidence of what is going on with each child and where we need to concentrate our interventions.  At the beginning and end of each term we look at the pupil’s visual graphical results of their Fagus Developmental Profiles to individualise their social and emotional targets and feed the results into their Educational Care Plans.  This approach is solution-orientated and enables us to keep a close eye on how well each pupil is meeting their goals and helps us inform and adapt our therapeutic interventions.  It is also a brilliant way for us to present information to key-workers and other practitioners who are also very involved with the welfare of our children.”

What lovely feedback!  We are so glad that Fagus has been a success and offered so many benefits!  We look forward to another update in a few months’ time.

Good luck with all your work – you are making a real difference to young people’s lives.