Fagus – a ‘Game-changing cerebral toolkit’!

After our Fagus product launch just over a year ago, we have had many educational settings thankfully telling us that it has offered them a new and more detailed picture of some of their pupils’ from an emotional and social developmental perspective.

Recently we were approached by Teach Secondary/Teach Primary publications to undertake an independent product review of the Fagus resource.  We are delighted (and relieved) that John Dubell has put together a rather eloquent summary of Fagus and how schools may benefit.

We liked one particular quote:

"This is a creative, lucid and inclusive resource dedicated to supporting progress and making real positive changes that can be analysed, mapped and monitored with care and know-how. This game-changing cerebral toolkit will be the guiding light of many a teacher looking to make a difference."

Although the 'cerebral' might apply to Fagus and our wonderful team of Educational Psychologists, it certainly doesn't apply to me!

To see the review in its entirety, click here.